About myself and this site:

I am a periodically using photo camera human (a.k.a. photographer). I was born in Blagoveshchensk, a Russian city on the border with China. I started taking pictures in high school and after graduating I set off for Beijing to skate to learn Chinese and study photography. I stayed in Beijing for 7 years and after that moved to Saint Petersburg where I currently continue my photography education.

This website was created as a space where I can organize and display my photographs, as well as introduce myself and leave my contact information. The pictures on the website are divided into two sections: ‘Projects’ and ‘Places’. ‘Projects’ explores various themes, ideas and observations, while ‘Places’ features different locations I’ve visited and come to understand through photo camera.

Photography can be very different. The photography I enjoy requires catching a spontaneous moment, rather than setting it up. I prefer to take photographs that most closely resemble a scene as it actually looked to the human eye. Which means that quite often I have to invade peoples’ personal space to capture a desired shot. That can sometimes cause discomfort for people in front of the camera. Unfortunately, I can’t always ask for permission to take a shot; sometimes it’s necessary to act fast to catch a moment. But I do value personal space and care how people feel about me taking their photos, so if I took one of you, hopefully this website shows that I have good intentions.

Feel free to get in touch any time. I’ll be happy to answer anyone.


Hutong autoportrait | Vlad Timofeev