Among everything else

Another day begins closer to noon. I’m fighting with my closing eyes while reading the news on my phone. On a lazy morning such as this, I like to read about what happened in the world during the hours of my sleep. This ritual has helped me form my own Internet path where I get just as much information as I want. Obviously, I prefer to see only those things that are useful for me and my everyday life. Yet whatever I read, it somehow always comes down to politics. But that’s important to me as well.

Probably, I mostly read those facts and opinions that suit my point of view. I suspect that it doesn’t help me get a fair view on what’s happening. It might be fair to wonder: Why don’t I check information from the other sources too? Well, I guess because I just want to read a little and not bother myself with some second-rate text. I sure do not enjoy reading any weird ideas, as well as any sort of crap that doesn’t have much interest to most people and myself. I don’t like coming across theories that are blown out of proportion, and I hate seeing the worst of it all – a straight lie. I don’t want to deal with all that first thing in the morning. And frankly, not too eager in the evening neither…

It bothers me a lot when a situation is given from a certain angle and no other way. When I see such a thing, it seems to me that an author might not have chosen the topic, but got assigned to it to please someone else’s interests. That makes it not about covering what has happened, but about trying to get into people’s minds. On the other hand, however, an author can also truly believe in what he describes. Who knows…

Still, it’s hard for me to accept this reality. How so, can’t we live in a world without narrow-minded selectiveness? Why is it so hard these days to find true and honest facts in the world so full of information? When will we get to a point that the media, as well as photography and video in it, become our ally, so they can be fully and unconditionally trusted?

I can’t say that I know everything or that I’m smarter than everybody else. Yet, whatever I do, I do decently. And if life will ever force me to share my point of view on what’s happening in front of me, I will do my best to be as objective as possible. Because I think with my own head and I base on my personal experience. I believe that one should always dig deeper, think about the situation from all sides and find the facts among the rest. So, if I ever happen to witness a situation and then need to describe it to other people, I’m sure that I will not repeat the mistakes of most authors. I will do everything honestly, and, therefore, objectively.